Cat owners all around the world know that they think of their pets as their furry family member. More often than not, these cats are kept indoors. After all, they would want to ensure their pets’ safety and by doing so, they can reduce the chances of them getting injured or sick. However, potential health risks can still be obtained by an indoor cat.

Our furry friends can experience emotional and physical stress when they lack exercise or when they get bored. It is important for cats to have constant stimulation, which you can provide through activities that can be done at home. It is important that you can provide opportunities for them to play and exhibit their natural predatory behaviors. It’s time to gas up that auto and go to the nearest pet store to purchase the best toys for your cat.

A group of students getting their degree at the Ohio State University recently discovered that even the healthiest cats get sick when they experience stress. It can get a little tricky, because a cat may seem like it is not under any sort of stress, however, feline health problems could tell you otherwise. That is why it is important to always observe your cat. Checking their litter boxes and how much food and water they consume are just a few ways to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Since all of that can be a little overwhelming to a cat owner, let us break down some of the tips you can use for the welfare of your beloved furry friend. You ought to provide the best home security system for these easily stressed-out pets to help them stay calm. After all, keeping them healthy, safe, and happy is our job as their owner.

It is natural for cats to be extremely territorial especially when they live in a household shared with other pets. Even if some cats are sociable and friendly, most of them are still pretty independent in nature. With that being said, they need to have a private space where they can go hide and feel safe. This includes providing them with their own litter box which you have to clean regularly. After all, you can’t defecate in a relatively dirty bathroom, can you? It is the same for cats. It is best to choose the unscented litter for their box.

If you have multiple cats, it is important you provide separate litter boxes for each cat, the same goes for their feeding station. They should also have a separate area for sleeping and playtime. You must do some financial planning before getting a lot of cats since you will need to give them their personal and private space.

Cats can get extremely overweight if you don’t let them get enough exercise. You can encourage them to move around even when they are indoors. Provide scratching posts all over your house to encourage physical activities. There are numerous options which include vertical and horizontal posts made from various materials like cardboard and sisal rope. You can also add a scratching post near that cat’s favorite sleeping spot. This allows the cat to mark its scent while flexing its muscles. You can spare a few bucks of that investment money of yours on those scratching posts.

For their food and water, you must provide one spot for their food bowl and a different area for their water. Unlike dogs, cats do not like drinking water near the place where they eat. It is known that cats tend to stay hydrated by drinking through a water fountain instead of drinking stagnant water.

Apart from exercising, it is important you keep them stimulated and entertained through the use of interactive toys and games. Like a child, cats easily get bored with their toys. In order to keep them engaged, you have to rotate their toys every one or two weeks. Laser light pointers, catnip stuffed socks, large cardboard boxes, and activities such as hide and seek are a few simple toys and games you could definitely play with your cat. Take out those credit cards, you are going shopping!

It is also important to keep in mind that when you introduce a new activity, toy, or even a new companion to them, you have to do it slowly, giving them time and space to adjust what was newly presented to them.