Persian kitties come from a long bloodline of grandeur and regality. With royal ranking aside, these cuddly creatures are best known for their sweet personalities. Need a cuddle buddy? Maybe this kitty is just the company you need!


Remember Snowbell from Stuart Little? This just proves that this breed is worthy of its celebrity status. Best known for its long coat and fancy aura, this cat takes credit for having the most distinct appearance – a lovely pair of eyes and a leveled side profile. Do you want to know more about this adorable cat? Then keep on reading.


It’s bigger and more circular than most cats, with huge eyes like a Bratz doll and a gaze that pierces through your little cat-loving heart. The nose is as cute as a button. The ears are reasonably little with circular pointed ends, tilted to a degree towards you – probably making for a good listener. Of course, their cheeks! You can’t get enough of those chubby cheeks.


The flat-faced beauty is prone to be praised during pet competitions. With their squashed-looking faces, some people describe them to be similar to that of pugs. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!


Beneath all that exciting excellence, you’ll discover one exceptionally stubby cat. That’s not all, they also have chunky legs that assist their excess voluptuousness. Too bad their fur does too much of a good job in hiding their figure.


It varies, but usually, they are medium-sized, and sometimes large even. Overall, they are plump and ready for hugs. Just look at them! Don’t you just want to cuddle these fubsy babies?


Terrifically peachy company! Yes, they are… but they usually prefer more towards calm and serene environments. They are often just chill with delicate voices, but they can be cocky at times. It’s like they know, to some degree, that they are all the rave.

In spite of their notoriety for being relaxed cats, they are a really frisky pedigree – more likely to be appreciative of pro-active play and interaction with the use of toys. Definitely little furballs of electricity! Have you seen them run?


Yeah, yeah… cats self-groom. However, keeping this kitty posh requires a bath every month. Giving them on while they are young helps them adapt to the routine better. Make sure to also check their little noses and round eyes for any goop, and wipe it away. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to brush their precious locks and trim them every once in a while to keep that smooth coat we all love so much!

Health Considerations

It’s better to keep them within the household to reduce their chances of picking up parasites that would be difficult to get rid of their layered fur. Aspiring owners with the proper roofing should be mindful that there are a number of health issues that this breed may be prone to. Issues like urinary tract disorders, asthma attacks, risk of stroke from hot temperatures, skin diseases, and eye defects, all brought upon by the dangers of the outside.

Coat Colors

It’s a spectrum! They can have a neutral solid color, gold, and silver with chinchilla-like patterns or an overlay of markings. They also have an appreciable gradient of smokey shades, and sometimes even patchy features.

Sometimes they are even confused with Himalayans. They often have a cream or light beige undercoat, and then have darker shading, mainly on the legs, tail, and face. Well, whatever the color or pattern on the fur, they still look like a darling!


Concurring to the breed’s history, Persian cats may have been around since 1684 B.C. These marvelous cats have been spotted in the hieroglyphics. A lot of people are convinced that they moved from their homeland, Persia, through vehicular transports, to other parts of the world.

Breeding was believed to have started during the 16th century in Italy and France, and eventually in Great Britain. Soon, they were in demand in America.