Every pet owner understands how special and exceptional each animal is. For example, many cats seem and act alike at first glance, but when you live with one, you realize what a distinct, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind personality is tucked within its little fluffy body.

Pumpkin the ginger cat isn’t any different. His family recently wanted to take him and his brother, Moustachio, to the beach for the first time, and the experience taught them a lot about Pumpkin’s unusual personality. It turns out that their adorable ginger baby enjoys going to the beach yet despises being in the storm.

Pumpkin was initially very fond of the sand.

“When my daughter and I took him to the ocean for the first time, the wind picked up and he began to make faces. It was unlike something we’d ever seen before. As a result, we made a short film. Any of the beach photos were taken from a 5-second recording! He’s been back to the beach since then and loves it,” his owner added.

However, the breeze began to pick up.

It turns out that Pumpkin has always enjoyed spending time outdoors with his family and going on various adventures. “Pumpkin was enthralling from the start. He’s inquisitive, charming, daring, and intuitive. He adores all other creatures, and they, in turn, adore him. He seems to be inextricably linked to all living things,” the proprietor observed. Needless to mention, when his owners went to the pool, they didn’t forget to bring their little fluffers along.

Pumpkin seemed to be having a good time enjoying the beach and rolling around in the sand with his brother at first. However, as the breeze picked up, it became clear that the ginger cat wasn’t having any of it.

It became clear that he isn’t all that interested in it.

Pumpkin was actually a rescue kitten when he was very young. “From a nearby animal shelter, we wanted to adopt a mother and four kittens. We fell in love with them all right away, but we couldn’t get all of them – and Pumpkin was the one we couldn’t let go of. We could tell he was special straight away. We adopted him and his brother, Moustachio, because they were inseparable,” the proprietor said.

Pumpkin’s family found that he had a moderate case of cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects the portion of his brain that regulates his motor functions, after some time.
It seems that he becomes sloppy as a result of the condition. The owner clarified that it impaired his balance as well as his depth perception. His illness, though, does not prevent him from living life to the fullest.

Pumpkin, it turns out, suffers from a neurological disorder that interferes with his balance and depth perception. His illness, though, does not prevent him from living life to the fullest.

Our cute Pumpkin has become something of an internet phenomenon at this stage. The photo of him relaxing on the beach and getting to know the wind went viral, garnering over 11,000 likes on Facebook. “We’re blown away by the outpouring of support for Pumpkin.

It’s incredible how quickly his photos went viral. Fans have produced so many memes that his face seems to be very relatable!” The proprietor shared her appreciation. “Our friends and family keep asking us to create a Facebook profile for him because he has such a colorful personality!” On October 11th of this year, they actually did it. “We adore him and he gives our families so much love that we’re thrilled to be able to share him with the rest of the world.”

His displeasure with the wind made him a real internet phenomenon.